How You Can Help

1. Spread the word

Now that Lynne has secured the requisite nominations to be on the ballot paper, it is important that members and affiliates spread the word about Lynne's Candidacy and encourage fellow members to vote for lynne once ballots arrive. Please follow Lynne on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

2. Vote for lynne

On Monday, the 25th of July, the Labour Party will begin to email members with their ballot papers. Fully paid up members of the party in Wales will be able to vote for the Welsh Rep on the NEC. You will have until Friday the 5th of August to complete your ballot and vote for Lynne Jones.

3. Join the campaign

throughout the campaign period, Lynne and her campaign team will be campaigning for votes. This will include collecting endorsements, promoting Lynne on social media and sending leaflets to Welsh Labour members across the country.

If you can help with any of these tasks; particularly with leafletting fellow Labour members in your area, please email